Friday, January 3, 2020

Whirlwind tour of the lunacy

"Cobra" is the creator and author of posts made at, which I will refer to as our Target Of Interest. His first post was made on March 31, 2012 which can be found here In his first post he made several claims such as "the financial system will restructure itself" and "the matrix will fall apart and new society will be born". He goes on claiming that he will provide guidance "never before revealed on this planet". 

April 6, 2012
Among stories of people running from Illuminati and aliens battling in secret underground tunnels, he continues in his next post that "[the resistance movement] have created a fund of 120 trillion dollars, which will be given to humanity along with other prosperity packages. They are in possession of very advanced technologies, mostly of extraterrestrial origin". 

April 9, 2012
This "event" that's going to "restructure the financial system" is going to happen "In the next 30 to 45 days. And it can not be stopped". 

April 14, 2012
"Resistance Movement has finally removed the main obstacle that blocked the triggering of the Event." "everything is ready, as far as Resistance is concerned."

January 3, 2020
This is a great movie plot! As great as the story sounds, 8 years later, it should be clear to all of you that it's pure fiction. He NEVER once provides any legitimate evidence that back up his claims. The great stories and plots written in 2012 degraded into random technology related word rambling like "L4 Pandora sequence in progress, project 501 merged into MASTERPIECE. VTXC systems security breach deflected. Minimum M / DL / HP requirements met, VTX and SD requirements not met". You also have the comical "ANNABELLA.exe" at the bottom of each page which is the name of a ransomeware virus. 

What are the motives? It's definitely not about money because cobra is part of the resistance who happen to have $120 trillion in the bank. Here's an excerpt from a post only 3 months after his first June 20, 2012. 

"I can no longer cover everything with my own financial resources. I trust that there are some rich people out there that haven't been completely absorbed into the Rothschild casino and would like to support the Light instead. Minimum donation is $1000 and regular monthly donations would ease things very much. Those willing to help, please contact for details". 

Why would the light forces need minimum $1000 donations when they have $120 Trillion in the bank? Fraud? Hmmm..

If you spend any time reading our TOI, you'll see Cobra has close ties with Rob Potter who runs, among many others we'll cover later. Rob takes donations and sells "cintamani stones" and violet wands. He also sold $300 cintamani rings. Me and my Cabal colleagues have obtained one and here's a picture! It's a unique quality ring I'll give them that. Cool product!

They say this stone will channel energies of the event to the world from the sun but you better not to keep it around you when you have negative energy because you will channel that to other cintamani holders. (Whenever I watch documentaries about world wars I always channel all that energy strait into this stone because I'm part of Cabal!) I must be the reason for delaying the event for 8 years! What do you think about this stone with magic powers? I'll sell it to anyone after I'm done channeling all the negative energy required for coding 501 and reactivating project 210 & 061. 

If you're interested in buying this pretty ring, contact us at 

We also accept minimum donations of $1000, I'm sure there's some rich people out there. We'll only use it for world takeover operations and stopping the event. Why would we live off it? We're the Cabal, we have trillions in the bank after all.

This is all for now.

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